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Founded over 60 years ago, Pacific Theatres has developed and operated drive-in theaters, popular throughout the 1950s and 1960s; walk-in theaters, popular throughout the 1960s to1980s; and today we invite you to enjoy our state-of-the-art multi- and megaplex theaters in the Los Angeles area.

Theater Locations

Digital 3D presentations are currently available at: Culver City's Culver 12, Glendale's Pacific 18, Los Angeles' The Grove 14, Lakewood's Stadium 16,  Northridge Fashion Center 10, and Chatsworth's Winnetka 21!

Winnetka 21 is now offering an IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE!  Auditorium 9 now has a 79 foot wall-to-wall screen, dual digital projection for the brightest and crispest 3D, Meyer Sound's EXP cinema loudspeaker system, and 20% wider, luxurious custom upholstered seats!


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We receive many charitable donation requests for movie passes, event sponsorships and other contributions.  Pacific Theatres/Arclight Cinemas is proud to support our community.  We allocate all of our available donation funds to pre-determined, select organizations including the Wonder of Reading, Will Rogers Motion Picture Pioneers Foundation and Variety - The Children’s Charity.  We feel this is the most effective use of our charitable giving program and therefore we are unable to fulfill additional requests.  We wish you all the best in your efforts. 

Pacific Theatres invites you to learn more about our "sister" movie theater company, ArcLight Cinemas, as well as about an organization we support, The Wonder of Reading.

Pacific Theatres in the San Diego and Northern/Central California areas are now owned and operated by Reading Cinemas. Please click the following link to be redirected to

Consolidated Theatres in Hawaii is now owned and operated by Reading Cinemas. You may click below to be directed to

Pacific Theatre's Corporate Office: 800.371.3111