Dancing With The Stars live taping at The Grove

Dancing With The Stars is taping their season finale at The Grove on November 24th from 5-8pm. Allow yourself plenty of time to get to the location if you are watching a movie during those hours.


Digital Presentations

Digital presentations are currently available at: Glendale’s Pacific 18, Los Angeles’ The Grove 14, Lakewood’s Stadium 16, Northridge Fashion Center 10, and Chatsworth’s Winnetka 21!


Xtreme Movie Experience


Winnetka 21 is now offering the latest in movie going Experience !
Auditorium 9 now has a 79 foot wall-to-wall screen, dual digital projection for the brightest and crispest 3D, Meyer Sound’s EXP cinema loudspeaker system, and 20% wider, luxurious custom upholstered seats! Check our listings for Winnetka on Fandango, look out for the XME logo to find your next Xtreme Movie Experience.


The Cine-Sation Experience


Experience Cine-Sation at Winnetka! Cine-Sation is the newest technology that provides an immersive effects experience through specially designed chairs. The seats are encoded to the storyline narrative allowing for a more dramatic, sublime movie going experience. See it…Hear it…Feel it…Live it! Check our listings for Winnetka on Fandango, look out for the Cine-Sation logo and experience this additional dimension of movie going today!

Coca-Cola Freestyle Machines


Available Now at Pacifc Theatres at The Americana Glendale 18

Explore refreshment your way, with over 100 choices at your command. From sparkling to diet to caffeine-free, it’s all here, right at your fingertips. Some brands you know and love, some are only available on Coca-Cola Freestyle.  Coca-Cola Freestyle® is all about you. Your choice, your taste, your drink. It’s more than the new way to quench your thirst. It’s the refreshing new way to express yourself.